Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life is a Warfare...

Life Is a Warfare
Horacio dela Costa, S.J.

Life is a warfae. It is a warfare between two
standards: the standard of Christ and the standard of
Satan. It is a warfare older than the world, for it
began with the revolt of the angels. It is a warfare
wider than than the world: It rages in every nation,
in every city, in the heart of every man.

Satan desires that all men come under his standard.
And to this end,he lures them with riches, honors,
powers---everything that caters to the lust and pride
of man.

Christ on the contrary invites all to fight under His
standard, but He offers no worldly allurement: only
Himself, only Jesus, the Son of Man, born an outcast,
raised in poverty, betrayed by His friends, rejected
as a teacher, crucified like criminal. And therefore
His followers must be ready to suffer what He
suffered: poverty, betrayal, rejection, at times, even

But Jesus, the Son of Man, is also Jesus, The Son of
God. And, therefore, His followers will not be
confounded forever. They are certain of ultimate
victory. Agaisnt them, the gates of hell shall not
prevail. The powers of darkness shall splinter before
their splendid batallions. Battle-scarred but
resplendent, they shall enter into the glory of God,
their King.

Two armies. Two standards. Two battalions.

And to very man, there comes an imperious cry of
command: Choose: Christ or Satan. Choose: sanctity or
sin. Choose: heaven or hell!

And, in the choice he makes, is summed up the life of
every man.

Borther Ding Gatan


Even if others are not
Even if others will not
Even if others cannot

"He who walks honestly walks securely."
Proverbs 10:9

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